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Art + Iconage

D: Haven't posted in a while. Oh, I'm on Gaia now;; comission. Add me if you want 8D My name is Luuku wannabe.

So I did a comission for my friend (well, sample shit) AND IT HAPPENS TO BE LUKE SO I WAS LIKE "ADVERTISE ADVERTISE LOLZZ"

Teaser for Icon;;
1 2

D: Here's my gay art yo;
I'm kinda testing my CG fails skills.

1 2 3 4

Sorry only made 4 D: (can't make icons recently)
Resources: my resource post
Screens: Uuh, D: I don't really remember;; mebbe from Tales Central or some may go to ryuudo

:D CRITQUES PLX. I need suggestions to improve!

Tags: art, icon, tales of the abyss
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@___@ Luke looks hot :DD And your icons are so amusing. I'm tempted to snatch Jade's 'ORLY'~

I would critique your drawing, but there's nothing that I see that's wrong with it! :D (Plus I'd be a hypocrite 'cause I can't even draw .555555/10 that well O:)
:D orly.

Thank you!! (I think I can draw sexier but on the computer it's different >_o) Haha xD.
Omg your icon D:.. J-Jade laughs?!!
Your icons are funny! And your pic of Luke is well done. For some reason 3/4 view is difficult for some people but you got it pretty well. Hee hee you got his pouty expression. I like it a lot! ^o^ Great job!
:O Really?! Haha, thank you! >w< I dunno, I can't do the body well but I can do the face 8D;;

Thank you for replying! D: LUKE'S EXPRESSION IS WINN
Y halo thar. That look says to me, "Have my babies." Why yes, Luke, I rather think I shall. 8DD

Anyway, both icons and art look very nice--I honestly don't have any bad thing to say about either.
8D Luke always have babies.

Really D:.. okay XD. Thank you for replying!
its not gay art! I love the lonesome looking Luke!! Draw more XD
D: One day. One day.
your art's good <3
Thank you! :D

Deleted comment

8D Thank you! Haha @_@ I always think the eyes I draw is too far apart or something.

Thank you :DD Like, I dunno, it feels like I draw more cute on the computer or something D: <

But I practice every night to draw sexy people *wtf* and yea, I don't CG much but since I'm starting to comission or whatever on Gaia I need practice :x

:D Yea, at first I was like "wtf pressure?11!" But thank you n___n;! *not hurt lolz*
Hehe, nice job on the shading, especially the face! 3/4 face (facing left) is actually pretty hard to draw, so nice!

*starts stalkin, I mean, friending*
:O I'm not worthy of being stalked!!

I think 3/4 face is finne but I can't get that body right XD;; that's why I did front body view (fails).

Thanks for commenting~~~
You're on Gaia, are ya? Expect a friend request from StevieChikara! xD
:oo !!! Oooh, Gaia!!
Oh yay! We are friends! Two crazy TotA fans in a basket (what basket?)