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know so little

2 October
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*Information/About me

This is an online journal of Sorenn. It contains ranting, drawing crap, icons, daily life, etc. This journal is of no importantance to the wide internet, just some personal journal. Nothing really interesting.

*Sorenn is: fifteen, a girl, from Shanghai, hyper, weird, annoying, naive, modest.
*Sorenn: doesn't like to talk about her life much on LJ since she thinks it takes up her friend's page. Also Sorenn wants to make many friends here to bother/stalk talk with. Has a paranoid problem but probably will not express it openly.


+ // girls, yaoi, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Tales of the Abyss, friends, boba milk tea
- // egocentrics, homophobes, piano, P.E., really BIG fandoms, school
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