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Art + Iconage

D: Haven't posted in a while. Oh, I'm on Gaia now;; comission. Add me if you want 8D My name is Luuku wannabe.

So I did a comission for my friend (well, sample shit) AND IT HAPPENS TO BE LUKE SO I WAS LIKE "ADVERTISE ADVERTISE LOLZZ"

Teaser for Icon;;
1 2

D: Here's my gay art yo;
I'm kinda testing my CG fails skills.

1 2 3 4

Sorry only made 4 D: (can't make icons recently)
Resources: my resource post
Screens: Uuh, D: I don't really remember;; mebbe from Tales Central or some may go to ryuudo

:D CRITQUES PLX. I need suggestions to improve!

Tags: art, icon, tales of the abyss
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